Jessie maes boutique - Michael kors outlet stole money from me

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I ordered a handbag from a Michael kors outlet in china.It's (i know but that's the way they spell it) they sent me the ugliest handbag ever.

It is not at all the one I ordered. When I emailed Betty to let her know their reply was they would give me $20.00 to keep the bag. Then they tried to discourage me from sending the handbag back by telling me I would have to pay for shipping to return it and it would be very expensive. Of course I told them I did not think it fair for me to pay return shipping when it's not my fault they sent the wrong one.

Long story short, they do not even have that bag in stock and do not plan on getting sny more.

Now I realize these are knock off bags but I would have been better off going to Chinatown in New York.Ended up stuck with a hideous purple handbag that I paid 145.00 for.

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Pearl, Mississippi, United States #880444

after receiving my "fake handbag & wallet" I couldn't even send an email to the same email address I had used to purchase from.The email address kept bouncing back invalid and conveniently the shipped from address was only a partial invalid address.

Total loss $140.

The website I found was on Pinterest..BE VERY CAREFUL AND DONT GET BURNED LIKE I DID. just because it's on Pinterest doesn't mean it isn't a scam.

The website looked absolutely legit. I had no idea I was making a purchase direct from China posing as a Michael Kors outlet store. No idea until the box came in.

It is absolutely horrendous China can keep pushing their worthless junk into the United States.

Do we have any government policies to stop this? If not we need to stand up and say enough is enough. I would pay a higher price to get American made, unfortunately American made is hard or impossible to find.


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